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Badgers Class

badger BLUE-swirl



Genres & skills will include


Stories set in imaginary worlds:

Adjectives, apostrophes, comparatives & superlatives, connectives,

descriptive writing, evidence from text, fantasy stories, illustrations, note making, paragraphs, re-telling stories, setting, similes & metaphors, synonyms


Explanation texts:

Connectives, editing own work,

explanation, non-fiction, oral

discussion, paragraphs, prefixes & suffixes, role play, speaking &

listening, using ICT for presentation, verb tenses, writing collaboratively. 


Creating images:

Adjectives, adverbs, alliteration, classic poetry, comparatives &

superlatives, descriptive writing,

editing own work, performance poetry, poetry, poetry using imagery, powerful verbs, prefixes & suffixes, rhyme, similes & metaphors, use ICT for presentation, word play, writing



Stories with Historical settings:

Authors, editing own work, evidence from text, handwriting, illustrations, narrative, note-making, oral

discussion, question words, research, re-telling stories, word origins.



Continue to develop a cursive handwriting style.



Continue to learn targeted words for weekly test & learn about the suffixes +ation, +fy, +hood, +ship and +tude.







Using place value to order and compare4-digit numbers.

Round numbers to the nearest 10 or 100.

Count backwards through 0 into negatives.

Add and subtract mentally, counting on or back in H, T or U.

Make jottings to support mental calculations.

Use the formal written methods of column addition, subtraction, multiplication & division

Estimate & check answers.

Solve word problems & reason mathematically.

Identify acute & obtuse angles and compare & order angles.

Recognise multiples of 25, 100 and 1000.

Further secure all multiplication facts to 12 X 12

Count on in hundredths from any hundredths fraction.

Understand that hundredths arise when dividing an object by one hundred or    dividing tenths by ten.

Understand & use percent as a fraction of an amount

Use place value to nd 1/10 or 1/100 of an amount,

Develop practical measuring skills

Convert between km/m, m/cm, m/mm, cm/mm.

Use decimal notation to tenths to record lengths in km, m and cm.

Interpret statistics & present data using pictograms, scaled bar charts & simple time line graphs.

Recognise the link between fractions and decimal fractions.

Understand  & order decimals with two decimal places.(incl money)







Children in World War II


Why the war started



Shelters and air raids (Blitz)

Anne Frank

The war effort








Natural Disasters


Volcanic eruptions









What does it mean to be a Jew?


Jewish beliefs

Family life



Jewish Prayer







Coding & PowerPoint


Furthering skills using MS PowerPoint.

Adding photos to Power-Point

Add animations to Power-Point slides.

Coding skills

Internet Safety —

Emailing, Game playing, Texting

Who to tell if something is wrong







Studying Aboriginal artwork and learning about Aboriginal culture - music & dance.

Looking at Aboriginal dreamtime stories.

Identifying use of symbols in artwork.

Opportunities to work with a variety of different medias, including pencil, oil   pastels, chalks, charcoal and paint.





Animals Including Humans (Biology)

Find out about food groups & healthy  balanced diets. Study the human digestive system & how food is transported around the body. Compare diets of herbivores, carnivores & omnivores. Investigate teeth & what causes decay. Food chains & webs.


Sound (Physics)

Explore how sounds are made when objects vibrate & that sounds travel through   solids, liquids & gases. Investigate how well sound travels through different   materials & discover how instruments make sounds. Suggest how to change the pitch & volume of sounds.






Social & Emotional Aspects of Learning

Going For Goals

How to set realistic & achievable goals

Good To Be Me

Developing self confidence & pride in your achievements








Team games, Outdoor Adventure Activities, Team Building & Orienteering, Gymnastics and Swimming.








Weather.  Inside the house.  Fruits and Vegetables.  Responding to questions.







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Spring 2018

Learning Platform

3D Storybooks

Evaluating existing products.

Investigating paper mechanisms, e.g. levers, box fold, mouth fold and flaps.

Exploring fastenings, linkages & pivots.

Design processes & use of ICT.