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Badgers Class

badger BLUE-swirl



Stories by a range of authors:

Adjectives, characterisation, chronological text, compare poems, connectives,

historical stories, narrative, oral

discussion, paragraphs, powerful verbs, prefixes & suffixes, sequencing, setting and verb tenses.


Recounts: Newspapers/Magazines:

Adjectives, alliteration, arguing viewpoints, characterisation, chronological text,

connectives, debate, editing own work, evidence from text, handwriting, homophones, newspapers/magazines,

paragraphs, recounts, role play,

sequencing, speaking & listening, text-film comparison, ICT for presentation, verb persons, tenses and writing collaboratively.


Information Texts:

Adjectives, alphabetic texts, connectives, dictionary, editing own work, non-chronological text, non-fiction, note-making, oral discussion, paragraphs, poster, prefixes & suffixes, research, sentence structure, skim & scan, speaking & listening, technical vocabulary, verb tenses and writing collaboratively.


Poetry: Syllabic Poems:

Adjectives, compare poems, descriptive writing, illustrations, performance poetry, poem forms, poetry, powerful verbs,

reviewing, sentence structure, similes & metaphors, spelling rules, syllables, use ICT for presentation, verb tenses and writing collaboratively.



Development of cursive handwriting style, focusing on individual letter formations and baseline joins.



Children will continue to learn graded words for their weekly test and will also be learning about the suffixes +cious, +tial, +ant, +ent, +able and + ible in their SOUND COLLECTOR.


Phonics - Sounds Write






Extending knowledge of place value to 1 million.

Add and subtracting 2 and 3 digit numbers using extended column methods.

Measuring to the nearest mm.

Weighing in grams and kg.

Reading from scales.

Properties of 2D and 3D shapes.

Strategies for solving word problems and puzzles.

Solving one and two step word     problems involving numbers, money or measures.

Multiplication and division methods.

Collecting data for graphs.

Telling the time on digital and

analogue clock faces.

Consolidating multiplication facts up to 12 x 10.

Using a calculator.

Increasing speed and accuracy of  mental maths skills.






The Tudors

War of the Roses.  Monarchs (focus on  Henry VIII & Elizabeth I).  Tudor life - food, houses, clothes, ships (focus on Mary Rose), paintings, crime and  punishment and religion.


Tudor Explorers

Christopher Columbus, Sir Francis Drake and Sir Walter Raleigh.







GLOBAL Physical features


Learning about and locating a range of physical features around the globe including the Barrier Reef, Mountain Ranges (including the Andes, & the Himalayas & how they were formed) Rivers & flood plains

Referencing topical events such as floods, earthquakes, droughts.





Where, How and Why do People Worship?

Focusing on Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Sikh and Hindu places of worship.


What are the Deeper Meanings of the  Festivals?

Focusing on Christianity (Advent & Christmas), Judaism (Hanukkah)  and Hinduism (Diwali).






Spell checking

Underlining and alignment

Simple tables

Cut, paste, find and replace

Word Art & Clip art

Importing pictures

Text boxes

Touch typing skills






Media Techniques

Famous landscape paintings

Famous artists, including Vincent Van Gogh, John Constable, Paul Cezanne and Claude Monet

Brush and sketching techniques

Controlling materials, including oil   pastels, chalks, paint and pencils

Composing a picture




Electricity (Physics)

Constructing a simple series    electrical circuit, identifying parts

Mains electricity & batteries

Electrical conductors & insulators


Brighter bulbs

Drawing circuit diagrams


Thermal Insulators & Conductors (Physics)

Using and reading thermometers

Investigating thermal insulators

Investigating thermal conductors

Working scientifically






The children will be covering the following topics this term as part of our S.E.A.L. (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) scheme:


New Beginnings


Getting On & Falling Out







Invasion Games (Tag Rugby & Basketball)









Continuing vocabulary development through conversation & role play senarios






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Autumn 2017

Learning Platform

Making Money Containers

Evaluating existing products

Making designs

Learning a variety of sewing stitches (running stitch, backstitch & oversew)

Threading needles and tying knots

Designing and constructing a wallet





Singing—keeping a part in a round or a two part song

Instrumental skills using pitched

& unpitched percussion (ostinatos and accompaniments)