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Badgers Class

badger BLUE-swirl





Stories that raise issues/dilemmas:

Issues & dilemmas, summarising, role play, adjectives, adverbs, prefixes & suffixes, apostrophes, punctuation, connectives, verb tenses, story structure, sentence types, letter layout, text-film comparison,

characterisation, speaking & listening, story openings.


Persuasive texts:

Adverts, connectives, evidence from text, persuasive writing, play scripts, prefixes & suffixes, sentence types, text-film

comparison, use of ICT for presentation.



Adverbs, characterisation, compound words, dialogue, editing own work, idioms & proverbs, narrative, nouns, opinion, play scripts, powerful verbs, punctuation,

reviewing, role play, setting, speaking & listening, writing collaboratively.


Explanation texts:

Adverbs, chronological text, connectives, editing own work, explanation, handwriting, illustrations, labels & captions, non-fiction, note-making, paragraphs, poster, prefixes & suffixes, question words, sentence structure, speaking & listening,

summarising, thesaurus, use of ICT for presentation, verb tenses, writing




Adjectives, alliteration, evidence from text, lists, nouns, persuasive writing,

powerful verbs, rhyme, rhythm, similes & metaphors, synonyms, use ICT for

presentation, writing collaboratively.



Children will continue to develop their

cursive handwriting style.








Rounding and ordering 4-digit numbers

Multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100

Multiplication and division facts for the times tables 1-12

Ratio, proportion, area & perimeter

Time on analogue and digital clocks

Mental and written methods for the four operations

Subtraction including finding the      difference, counting back and checking

Mental and written addition of three-digit numbers

Drawing and classifying polygons


Reasoning and explaining

Handling data


Measures – standard metric units in  relation to capacity

Reading numbered divisions on a scale, including weight and length

Problem solving








Local History


Investigating the local history of Chicksands and Campton.

Children will have the opportunity to visit

The Military Intelligence Museum

Chicksands Priory

Campton Church


Viewing and interpreting historical records of our school









Our local area



Using and interpreting maps and satellite images

Making our own sketch maps

Local land-use

Routes and transport links





What do the religions teach us about the natural world & why we should care for it?

Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Chinese & Aboriginal creation stories, as well as scientific theories.

Investigating how religious believers show their relationship with the natural world.








Digital Images & Leaflets

Taking, downloading & importing images.

Using MS Word to resize, crop, rotate, flip & edit images through use of effects.

Exploring a graphic package (Photo Simple)

Combining text & graphics using MS Word

Using leaflet templates on MS Publisher.

Touch typing skills.


Design, write and debug programs.

Use sequence, selection & repetition in programs; work with variables and various forms of input and output.

Explain how simple algorithms work.







Clay & Pop Art

Learning to use a range of joining and sculpting techniques to make 3D models from clay.

Using tools to carve, smooth and add finer detail to clay models.

Learning about the Pop Art movement and investigating the artists Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.






Living Things & Their Habitats (Biology)

Learning the seven characteristics of living things.

Defining habitats and the basic needs they supply.

Classification of plants and animals.

Reading and constructing food chains and webs.


Change and Survival


How plants and animal adapt to their surroundings

Issues affecting animals and plants





The following topics will be covered as part of our S.E.A.L. (Social and Emotional

Aspects of Learning) scheme:




Healthy Living









Team games, Outdoor Adventure Activities, Team Building & Orienteering, Gymnastics and Swimming.








Rooms & furniture, classroom items,

transport, sports, pastimes, adjectives, picnic food & places in France.








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Summer 2018

Learning Platform


Reinforcing knowledge of simple battery-operated circuits.

Controlling electric circuits with a switch.

Investigating appropriate material choices.

Designing and creating a working torch.

Evaluating product against design criteria.