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Foxes Class

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To study weather variations.

To write and perform weather reports.

To compare weather from different     localities around the world. The children will look at where the Vikings came from and how they travelled to Britain.  





Spring 2018



How Should we live and who should inspire us?

How do I know what is right and wrong.

How does religion help people make good choices.

Identify choices made by key religious people.

Describe religious teachings










Children will use sources to research key events in Britain. We will use their chronological skills to place the Viking invasions.


Children will find out who the Anglo Saxon and Vikings are and the reasons why and how they invaded Britain.

The children will find out about Saxon and Viking life and how they differ.








Children will look at Viking jewellery and design their own pieces.  They will evaluate their own work.


Fruit & Vegetables

To improve mastery of art and design techniques including drawing in charcoal.

To be able to sculpt in clay.








The children will be exploring a range of texts to create pieces of writing. They will look at adjectives and descriptive features to describe characters and to write their own stories and Viking Sagas. Key texts to be used are Beowulf, and How to train a dragon.

We  will be looking at examples of Kennings poems. They will analyse them and use their knowledge to create their own.

Children will write instructions based on their DT work, after making their own Anglo Saxon purse.



Children will find out what a force is and different types of forces, including the forces needed for a boat to float on water and move. They will also compare how objects move on different surfaces and the forces involved. They will recognise that some forces need contact between two objects but not all. They will look at magnetic forces and how they attract or repel, grouping materials.

Light & Shadow

To investigate the relationship between light, an object and the formation of shadows.  

To notice that light is reflected from





Place value - HTU.

Inverse relationship of addition and subtraction.

3D shapes.

Capacity - litres and ml.

Time - 24hr clock, digital and analogue.

Odd and even numbers.

Multiplication and division.


Frequency tables.

Bar graphs.









Going for goals

To identify goals for themselves by identifying their strengths and areas for development



Good to be me

To recognise their worth as individuals by identifying positive things about      themselves.







Touch typing skills

To develop touch typing skills and knowledge of the keyboard.


To navigate through a maze using      directional vocabulary.

Solving problems using trial and error.


To design, write, and debug programs

To use sequence, selection and repetition in programs.






Children will look at Saxon purses. They will make and evaluate their own using embroidery skills. Using clay they will make model long ships.  Look at the design of the Vikings shields, design and make their own shields.






Listen to music and songs from the Viking era.  

Learn and perform Vikings songs.  

Look at the instruments used by the Vikings.








Tuesday and Friday



Listen to pieces of music and design and perform their own dance routines. Watch some Viking dancing and using their music perform their own dance routines.



Begins during 2nd half of term.







SPELLINGS: List given on Mondays - Assessments on Fridays.

Please encourage your child to practise their words using the LOOK, SAY, COVER, WRITE, CHECK method.



*Areas where you could help at home.




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