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Foxes Class

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Local study 

Settlement: land use.

Environment: impact,


Map work and navigational skills, including turns and compass directions.






Summer 2018



How and why does a Christian follow Jesus?

To find out about Jesus and why he is important to Christians. Understand how the teachings of

Jesus influence the way Christians live. Discuss and consider what

affects the way we live our lives.











Look at historical changes in Great Britain e.g. the history of castles and the changes made to their designs.


Identify changes between specific periods of history.  


Look at significant historical events St George’s Day.









Mix and match the correct colours, look at the different thickness of paints and choose the appropriate one.  


Use these skills to complete an observational painting of an owl.

Learn about great artists and recognise some of their work








Factual writing.

Plays and dialogues. Use of inverted commas.

Different forms of poetry

Persuasive Writing

Writing notes.

Grammatical agreement (tenses).

Writing in 1st, 2nd, 3rd person.

Reading/spelling strategies.

Joined handwriting.




Extended writing fiction & non-fiction




Plants (Biology)

Identify and describe functions of parts of flowering plants. Explore requirements of plants for life and growth. Investigate the way water is transported within plants.

Explore life cycle of plants.


Light (Physics)

To investigate the relationship between light, an object and the formation of shadows.  To notice that light is reflected from surfaces. To recognise that light from the sun can be dangerous and that there are ways to protect our eyes.






Place value, estimating, rounding.

Reading numbers from scales.

Understanding +, -, x and ÷.

Mental calculations.

Money and real life problems.

Making decisions and checking results; pencil and paper procedures.

Reasoning about shapes.


Telling time on analogue & digital clocks.

Handling data.

Measures, including word problems.









To identify different  relationships and their importance to an individual.

To build positive bonds between other pupils.



To recognise that everyone goes through changes and they are necessary in order for us to grow.

To think of the positive effects of change in any situation.









I.C.T. - Introducing the Internet

To assess a website by typing a URL into an address bar.  To use the navigation buttons to move around a website.  To use a search engine to locate info.


I.C.T. - Typing and Basic Skills  To develop touch typing skills.  Revision of basic skills, including use of Word.







To learn basic food preparation        techniques and ways of combining ingredients to create food for a medieval feast. Design their own ideas.  Complete a cross sectional drawing. The children are going to design, draw and build their own castles.







Sound Colours

To describe how a piece of music makes them feel.  

Listen to theme music for Harry Potter and compose their own music.  Use a range of musical instruments to create different atmospheres for different parts of the story.

MUSIC - Sing Up concert









Tuesday and Friday



To develop confidence in the water and

improve technique.


P.E. - Athletics

To investigate different running, jumping and throwing techniques and apply these to individual and team situations.

Develop stamina and identify the benefits of regular exercise.





P.E. - Cricket / Tennis








SPELLINGS: List given on Mondays the words will be reinforces through a range of activities throughout the week.

Please encourage your child to practise their words using the LOOK, SAY, COVER, WRITE, CHECK method.




*Areas where you could help at home.




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