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Our Governing Body

At Campton Lower School we currently have 11 Governors – parents, staff and members of the local community. Each of us has a variety of life skills and experience to enable us to be an effective Governing Body. Every governor is a member of one of our main sub-committees - Resources Management and Teaching & Learning which meet three times a year, and the Full Governing Body which also meets each term. There is a third committee for the Performance Review of the Headteacher. We adhere to a Code of Conduct to ensure that we are committed and effective.


As governors we certainly share the school’s vision and ethos, but we also have a number of responsibities. We oversee the school’s financial performance and hold the leadership to account by offering both support and challenge. We know the school well through celebrating achievements with the children and recognise the school’s many strengths. We also understand the areas where we can continue to develop further and we do this through examining the data and looking at the evidence of how well the school and our pupils are doing.


In order to do this, every governor carries out visits for specific areas – academic subjects such as Mathematics or Science of course, but also for Health & Safety, Safeguarding and the use of additional funding, for example. We have 18 visits planned for this year. The governor meets with the Subject Leader and also visits the classrooms to see the subject in action. The report each governor writes afterwards is shared at our meetings, when we also scrutinise policies, Headteacher reports, the School Development Plan and progress data.


The Teaching and Learning Committee focuses on curriculum and progress matters. We look at the targets which are being set and we review the progress and attainment of every child, so that we are aware of any gaps and can monitor the steps being taken to narrow them. We review a number of policies including SEND and Behaviour, to ensure a positve and inclusive learning environment.


The Resources Management Committee provides guidance and assistance on financial matters. We monitor the income and expenditure of the school’s budget and ensure good practice, to make the best possible use of the finances available. We monitor the school’s contracts and oversee major projects such as the recent conversion of the kitchen and outside play area refurbishment. In addition we review the staffing structure and pay progression.


The Headteacher Performance Review Committee meets to agree the objectives for the Headteacher for the current year, to monitor progress towards those objectives and then to agree to what extent they have been met.


I have been a governor at Campton Lower for over 10 years and am pleased to share my strong sense of the value of education as Chair of Governors. At Campton Lower School we seek to provide a warm and nurturing environment for the children, where they can thrive safely and achieve their very best!


Nicky Fletcher - Chair of Governors







Who we are and what we do -  Governors 2017-2018


Local Authority Nominated

Mrs. Nicky Fletcher (Chair of Governors; Chair of Teaching & Learning sub-committee, Safeguarding governor, Headteacher Performance)



Mrs. Laura Dolling  - Headteacher (Teaching & Learning, Resources Management)

Mrs. Lisa Gostellow - Teaching Assistant (Teaching & Learning)



Mr. James Hastings (Resources Management)

Mrs. Laura Collins (Teaching & Learning)



Mr. Phil Armstrong (Vice-Chair; Chair of Resources Management sub-committee, Headteacher Performance)

Mrs. Karen Green (Teaching & Learning, Headteacher Performance)

Mrs. Anne Phillips (Resources Management)

Mrs. Maureen Gravell (Teaching & Learning)

Mrs. Jill Westgarth (Resources Management)

Mr. Mike Tyler (Resources Management)

NIcky Fletcher, Chair of Governors