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Hedgehogs Class

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Personal, Social & Emotional

Summer 2018

We will focus on the concepts of –


Addition and subtraction including doubling and halving

Solving practical problems that involve combining groups of 2, 5 or 10, or sharing into equal groups.

Measure,weigh and compare and order objects.

Talk about properties, position and time.

Solving problems using money.




We will be focusing on –

Our story work:

Jack and the Beanstalk.

The Hungry Caterpillar

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

We will develop narrative in our writing.

Writing words of more than one syllable.

Writing for different purposes e.g. posters, list and letters

Letter formation

Using non-fiction resources to find information about lifecycles

Speaking and listening and role-play

Develop our understanding of rhyme.




Our theme for our SEAL programme is ‘Relationships’. This will include working with the children to explore feelings of belonging and feeling cared for.

Through Circle Time, stories and role play the children will begin to explore the concept of fairness and feelings associated with unfair situations.






Understanding the World

Using our stories as our focus we will learn about growing plants and vegetables. We will learn about lifecycles or different insects and animals.

In ICT we will explore the “2 Simple” programmes and use the Internet as an information source. We will use the digital camera to record activities we complete.

Our outside role play shed will be a junk yard where children have a number of materials to create what they want, while inside we will have a fruit and vegetable shop where children need to write shopping lists and pay for their items.







We will use musical instruments to explore how sounds can be changed and use them to create sound effects for the stories.

We will use clay to make our own objects linked to our stories.

We will try a variety of different ways to paint – large/small brushes, thick/thin paint and printing.






Physical Develpment


In PE we will be focusing on developing ball skills.

We will work on moving a ball in a variety of ways, throwing and catching to a partner as well as at a target and kicking a ball.

In our creative activities we will be handling different tools and materials.




How you can help

  • Support your child in learning the letter sounds and formation.

  • Visit the local library to look for poetry, fiction and non-fiction books.

  • Share rhyming books you enjoy in class (send books in NAMED)

  • Share your child’s reading book with them, giving them time to talk about what is happening in the pictures and asking them questions about the story and the characters. Remember to sign (and comment) when your child has shared their book.

  • Celebrate your child’s out of school achievements by making a ‘Proud Cloud’ or:

  • Talking tubs. Bring filled tubs in on MONDAY to share with the class.

  • If you have any pictures, materials or objects relating to our topics we would really appreciate them.



Download hard copy Learning Platform


Tuesdays & Thursdays