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Rabbits Class

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Summer 2018


*Weekly Spellings

*Using a simple dictionary


Guided reading

Story writing- Knights and Dragons ‘The Dragon Egg.’

Dragon poetry- tongue twisters and alliteration

Invitation writing

Menu Writing

Creative writing/ traditional tales- Jack and the beanstalk & Cinderella

Persuasive letter- Fairy tale castle v’s medieval





*Counting in 10s from any small number.

Finding 10 more/less

Ordering numbers to at least 100

*Use money in real life situations.

*Recognise the relationship between coins.

Add pairs of numbers which are near doubles.

*Measure and compare lengths, weights and capacities using standard and non-standard units.

*Name and sort 2D and 3D shapes.

Recognise reflective symmetry and create patterns.

* Time- o’clock, half past, quarter past, quarter to.








Personal, Social & Emotional



Special Times

Recognise religions have different festivals.

Compare special times.

Describe key features of different festivals.

Explore feelings surrounding different festivals.













History / Geography / Science


Describe the similarities and differences between life during a time in the past and life today.

Use passing of time language e.g. before, after, a long time ago, past.

Place events and objects in chronological order-types of castles

*Understand significant events and people in Britain within and beyond their living memory- St George

Identify seasonal and daily weather patterns in the UK.

Identify and describe key human features e.g. city, town, village, factory, farm, house, office, port, harbour and shop.

Following directions and maps/ drawing a route showing features.



Growing Plants

*Identify different plants

Recognise and name parts of a plant.

Investigate the conditions needed for healthy plant growth.

*Identify and name parts and types of tree.


Seasonal Change

*Recite the months of the year in sequence.

*Know the four seasons

*Explore the characteristics of each season.









Design and make a castle

Chinese Dragon art work

Sketching a dragon

Making puppets



Using the body to make sounds: Loud/quiet, Fast/slow, Long/short, High/low.

Making patterns with sounds e.g. loud-quiet-loud-quiet-long - short - long - short.

Make and change sound on an instrument both tuned and un-tuned creating both long and short sounds.

Perform to an audience and improve his/her performance by practising.








Text and graphics.

Combining text and sound.

Word- Castle Fact Sheet








*Denotes some of the areas where parents can participate and support their child’s learning.






Download hard copy Learning Platform



*Throwing and Catching

Improving bat and ball control

Basic Moves