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Rabbits Class

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Autumn 2017


We will be focusing on:

Speaking and listening.

Phonics (sounds Write) – Letter names and sounds.

Letter formation.

Traditional Stories

Poetry – songs and repetitive poems

Poetry– Pattern and Rhyme

Reading and writing labels and captions.

Information texts

Use capital letters and full stops.

Drama and Role-Play activities.




We will be focusing on:

Count to 20 and back.

Read and write numbers to 20.

Ordering numbers on a numberline.

Number bonds to 10.  

Know addition & subtraction facts to 5.

Numbers ‘one more or one less’.

2D and 3D shapes.

Estimating. Solving simple problems.

Understanding measures.

Count to 100 and back./ Read and write numbers to 100.

Time – days & months.







Personal, Social & Emotional




Festivals – Christmas, Diwali, Guy Fawkes


Focus on Christianity-

The children learn about different beliefs about God and the world around them. They encounter and respond to a range of stories and recognise religious  



New beginnings’.  

The children will work

together to consider how we

can make our class room

a safe and happy place.  They

will help to draw up a

‘Classroom Charter.’

How am I special?  

Feelings.  Family, friends,

groups and clubs.  

‘Getting on and falling out.

Managing friendships

Solving problems appropriately






History / Geography / Science

History - Toys

The children will develop an awareness of the past using common words and phrases relating to the passing of time. This will be achieved through exploring a range of toys. They will sort toys, look at material of toys and focus on books old and new. The children will also be given an opportunity to play with older toys.  


Geography - The UK

To use maps and aerial plans.

To recognise landmarks and basic

features familiar to their area

To identify and describe places

(physical and human features).

To use geographical language to describe


To name and label 4 cities in the UK



Autumn 1 - Humans including animals

Name and locate parts of the body.

Exploring the senses.

Skeletons and how joints move.

Sequence stages in life.

Describe and compare a variety of animals.

Carry out taste test investigation

Autumn 2 - Animals – including humans

Name a variety of animals

Sort animals into carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

Understand animals have different diets

Compare the structure of a range of animals.

Name animal offspring

Understand how to care for animals








Use of different materials and techniques.

The children will also have the opportunity to explore famous artists such as Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee, Henri Matisse and Andy Warhol.  We will create art work inspired by them.



Moving Pictures Investigate moving parts in books.

Understand how sliding mechanisms, wheels, pivots & levers work.

Design and make simple levers and sliders.

Design and make a moving picture.



Sounds interesting

Identifying different sounds.  Changing and using sounds expressively in response to stimulus.



Designing and making Christmas cards

and calendars.






Developing mouse control.

Using tools in a simple painting package

Saving, printing and retrieving work.

Creating illustrations.

Develop familiarity with the computer keyboard.

Word processing and assembling text held in a word bank






SPELLINGS: List given on Mondays - Assessments on Fridays.

Please encourage your child to practise their words using the LOOK, SAY, COVER, WRITE, CHECK method.






Download hard copy Learning Platform


Autumn 1

Learning how to keep our bodies fit and healthy.

Basic Moves.


Some of these lessons will be outside, weather permitting


Multi-Sport Games

Basic Moves.