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School Uniform is worn in our school

School Winter Uniform


  • Royal blue v-neck jumper or cardigan (so tie can be seen)

  • White shirt/blouse (long or short-sleeves but with a stiff collar to support the tie)

  • Grey skirt, pinafore or trousers (girls can wear grey tailored trousers)

  • Blue and white striped tie (available from the School Office for £3.00)

  • Black school shoes

  • Plain grey socks or tights


Pupils should not wear trainers or high heeled shoes to school. Knee-high 'wellington' boots may be worn in the playground in cold/wet weather but children should have school shoes to change into for indoor use.



School Summer Uniform


  • White polo shirt/blouse (or short-sleeved shirt/blouse with a stiff collar to support the tie, if preferred – to be worn with a school tie).

  • Grey shorts (or trousers for boys if preferred)

  • Blue (not navy) & white gingham (check) dress

  • Plain grey or white socks

  • Black school shoes or black school sandals (enclosed-not open-toed sandals or sling-backs)


It is important that all items of clothing and footwear are labelled clearly with the child’s name or losses will occur for which the school cannot be held responsible.



Indoor PE Kit


  • Plain blue shorts

  • Plain white t-shirt

  • Plimsolls.


No football strips should be worn. Plimsolls are needed in Reception Class during the Summer Term only.

Outdoor PE Kit


  • Plain blue shorts

  • Plain white t-shirt

  • Trainers

  • Plain blue or black tracksuit (in a suitable separate bag, reception for summer term only)


No football strips should be worn. P.E. kits should be left at school all week to ensure that they are available when needed and taken home half termly. However, outdoor kit may need to be taken home at the end of the day for washing if very muddy or wet. Please ensure the kit is returned to school in time for the next PE lesson.



Swimming (Years 3 & 4 only)


  • Swimming costume/trunks

  • Swimming hat

  • Towel


No bikinis/beach shorts. Swimming hats can be purchased for £1.00 from the swimming pool when your child starts swimming lessons.


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